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According to the requirements of American students and parents, Hope Education Foundation (HEF) has succeeded in arranging many students to study Chinese one by one in Beijing. By 82-day studying, it is obvious to see the improvement of Chinese in reading, writing, and speaking. And at the same time, students will establish the friendly relationship with teachers and students. So American students will maintain a sustain studying and practicing Chinese by contact Chinese friends online.
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What to Bring
Key Recommendation: PACK LIGHT

To pack for this trip remember that you may have to carry your luggage for quite a distance. Therefore, it is not recommended to pack more than you can carry comfortably. It is essential to pack light. An old traveler's adage states, "Lay out what you think you'll need, and then take one-half of it." Choose clothing you can get the maximum ear. Never pack two items when one will do.

Even though you will be no where near the limit on luggage for the airline, it is important to mention that for both going and coming back, Air China limits you to a maximum of two suitcases, each weighing less than 70 lbs. Also, you will be limited to only one carry-on bag. There will be substantial charges for overweight luggage. Air China has very strict regulations.

Remember that as you travel your luggage is likely to increase in weight as you purchase gifts and souvenirs. For extra items, which you will accumulate on the trip, you should consider packing an empty duffel bag in your main piece of luggage. Again, it is important that traveling light will ensure that you enjoy your trip.

Bring clothing, which is light and does not wrinkle easily. Apparel, which can be hand washed and dry easily, are ideal. It is prudent to remember that such clothing as jeans, sweatshirts, and sweatpants are difficult to wash and take a great deal of time to dry.

Make a list of the essentials items, which you want to pack so as not to leave something important at home.

China uses 220 Volt electric current. If you wish to take electrical appliances, i.e., hair dryer, electric toothbrush, iron, lens cleaner, etc., you must have the proper adapter and transformer to run them. If you can possibly live without such conveniences, it would be far better to leave at home. If not, please make certain that you have the proper converter.

We recommend that you leave your valuables at home. Jewelry and fancy gadgets can cause problems with customs, which can result in delays. It is wise not to pack anything you cannot afford to loose.

Spending money - The cost of all meals, lodging, and transportation are included in the cost of the trip. We suggest that students bring a maximum of $300 - $400 for gifts and souvenirs and incidentals. Duty is charged for gifts, which exceed the above-mentioned amount. Incidental expenses will be for such things as: stamps, postcards, sodas, bottled water, film, telephone calls, and toiletries. It is best to bring a small amount of cash. Traveler's Checks are easy to convert in China, and are replaceable in the event they are lost.

Cameras and photographic equipment, i.e., camera and/or camcorder, can be brought on the trip. The photo opportunities in China are endless and photos are a great way to remember your trip. Keep in mind that you will have to carry what you bring. Also, be sure to bring plenty of roles of film (8 rolls of 36 exposures will probably suffice). Although film is available in China, it is not always the best quality, and is often rather expensive. You should also remember to bring extra batteries. Camera batteries in China are difficult to find and are not the highest quality.

You should bring a few items to introduce yourself and American culture to your new.

Chinese friends. Items such as postcards, personal pictures, etc. will serve as tokens and gestures of friendship.

You may also want to bring things that will help you to feel comfortable abroad. Within reasonable limit, you may want to bring a few American comic books, cassette tapes or CDs, favorite snacks, and small musical instruments. You should not eat your snacks while staying with host families since this gesture will be considered disrespectful of the family. To bring such items on your trip will ease your feelings of being homesick.

It is a good will gesture to bring small gifts for your Chinese hosts and friends. Items with personal and sentimental value, carries more meaning than things, which are expensive.

It is highly recommended to coordinate your packing with your friends whereby you can share certain things like shampoo, toothpaste, converter, hair dryer, etc.


Suggested Packing List

1 light waterproof jacket, which can also serve as rain gear
1 lightweight sweater or sweatshirt
1 heavy sweater
1 turtleneck
4 to 5 T-shirts
1 pair of long pants
1 semi-dress set of clothing (girls - a dress or skirt; boys - a button-down short sleeve shirt
1 pair of slacks, and comfortable shoes)
8 changes of underwear
1 pair of sneakers
1 pair of thongs, flip-flops
6 pairs of socks

Note: Chinese culture, especially in the rural areas tends to be more conservative than the West. Clothing apparel such as women's shorts and shirtless men are not advisable in such areas.

Other Essentials

1 medium size lightweight towel
1 face towel
Tooth brush and tooth paste
Shampoo, soap and sunscreen
1 small laundry bag
Personal medical items and any special medications
Over-the-counter cold or allergy medications
Toiletries particularly feminine hygiene
Brush & comb
Small container of liquid laundry detergent
Insect repellents


Wet hand wipes
Pictures of your family and friends
Address book
Water bottle
Playing cards and small travel games
Musical instruments
Swiss army knife
Small first aide kit
Camera film, camera batteries
Small packet of Kleenex
Books or magazines (these can add weight)
Dried fruit or trail mix
Cool-aid or ice tea drink mix

Suggested Gift Items (Think small and light)

Pictures and postcards
Trading pins or buttons
Cassette tapes
American chocolates and candies
Books or magazines

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