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According to the requirements of American students and parents, Hope Education Foundation (HEF) has succeeded in arranging many students to study Chinese one by one in Beijing. By 82-day studying, it is obvious to see the improvement of Chinese in reading, writing, and speaking. And at the same time, students will establish the friendly relationship with teachers and students. So American students will maintain a sustain studying and practicing Chinese by contact Chinese friends online.
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The nationwide reform in the past two decades has greatly enhanced Chinese economic power as well as its position in the international community. Chinese as a second language has become more and more popular worldwide. In recent years, China has attached greater importance to the promotion of Chinese language on the government level, and has offered substantial support.

For many years CLASS and HEF have made efforts in enhancing the educational and cultural exchange between the US and China through the means of bilateral educational visits. These efforts have actually built a bridge between the two cultures.

We hope that this kind of exchange gets the students of both countries involved. Students will get first hand knowledge about the gap between the cultures and education in both countries, broaden their view, and enrich their experiences. Hopefully through the setting up of a hand-in-hand relationship between the schools on both sides, we can have students make friends with their counterpart, help students on both sides to learn each other's language, and deepen and widen the educational and cultural exchange. Surely such initiative will contribute to the education of both students.

About Hands-in-Hands Activity
Hands-in-Hands online
Schools from Us and China who want to take part in the Hands-in-Hands project will select at least 20 students and some teachers and their principal to participate in the online project through the BBS on the website of Hope Education Foundation. They can exchange their opinions with the direction and management of HEF.
Exchange Students
The Work group and the HEF will arrange the students who come from the US and China to be exchanged when the proper time comes.
Students from the US and China have become familiar with each other after several months activities online. The HEF and the Work group founded by the two schools will help to arrange the students to go to the other country to have the winter and summer camp and to meet their friends. After living and learning with the friends from sister school, they will improve their ability of using the foreign language and communication.
Educator's exchange
The educators who come from the US will be arranged to visit the Chinese schools and meet the concerned governors. They will have the opportunity to meet and talk with the principals want to participant the exchange activities and have their primary intention.
The Chinese principals and governors will go to visit the schools in the US and sign the agreement of the Hand-in-Hand project.
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