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According to the requirements of American students and parents, Hope Education Foundation (HEF) has succeeded in arranging many students to study Chinese one by one in Beijing. By 82-day studying, it is obvious to see the improvement of Chinese in reading, writing, and speaking. And at the same time, students will establish the friendly relationship with teachers and students. So American students will maintain a sustain studying and practicing Chinese by contact Chinese friends online.
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    Since 1999, more than two thousand American students and educators have taken part in China抯 揊riendship Summer Camp as part of a program sponsored by Hope Education Foundation, HEF.  The camp's cultural activities have helped American students become more acquainted with Chinese language and culture. As a result, American and Chinese students have not only gained better appreciation of each other's cultures, but have also established long-lasting friendships.
  Additionally, HEF has sponsored and arranged a professional exchange program between American veterinary surgeons and Chinese Agricultural University, resulting in the donation of veterinary equipment to the University.
   In July of 2000 in the Chinese cities of Beijing, Xian and Shanghai, HEF arranged an extensive Chinese language training program for educators from the U.S. based Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools (CLASS). The two groups organized cultural exchanges between America and China. Additionally, the U.S. based CATE School faculty recently finished an educational tour of China. 
   Another exceptional event organized by HEF was for Choate Rosemary Hall Chamber Orchestra of the United States and No. 101 High School of China.  The highlight of the exchange was performing on the Great Wall and in the famous Zhongshan Music Hall.  The American high school also had the opportunity to perform on Nanjing Walking Street in Shanghai with students from Shanghai High School.
   HEF was instrumental in arranging a meeting between officers of the American National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), Chinese government organizations, and the American Consulate in China to discuss the possibility of Chinese high school students enrolling at NAIS schools in the United States.
   In 2001 HEF organized major cultural exchange activities. That April, HEF successfully arranged an educational trip to China for superintendents and principals from the Long Island School District in New York. That same month, a group of 25 teachers from Massachusetts 'Primary Source' went to China to observe and study the Chinese educational system.
     In June, a group of Boston teachers went to China to visit Chinese schools.  Also in June, HEF arranged for the PEK International Education Association from the San Barbara, CA Branch to visit China.  That same month, HEF arranged for St. Paul School to visit to China. In August 2001, HEF organized a trip to America for Chinese scholars to lecture in seminars as well as to observe and study the American school system. 
   Also, HEF organized the 揅ultural Exchange Summer Camp for Choate Rosemary Hall High School.  Additionally, HEF arranged for the Convent of the Sacred Heart High School teachers to tour China. 
   During the conference of ACTFL 2001 in Washington DC, after six-month抯 planning and preparation, HEF and CLASS, with the cooperation of the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC,  successfully designed a first-time forum entitled,  揌ow to Further Improve Chinese Learning in America.  Elementary and middle school teachers who teach Chinese language attended this forum.  The forum was encouraging to teachers of Chinese learning nationwide. 
   In 2002, besides assisting nationwide public and private high school students and teachers to realize their dream of touring China, HEF also successfully assisted CLASS to arrange for 26 high and elementary school teachers of Chinese instruction to attend a 30-day Chinese language training program.  This was fully financed by the Fulbright, Freedman Foundation and China National Chinese Office in Beijing, Shanghai, and Yunnan Province in China. 
   During the summer vacation of 2002, HEF arranged various kinds of educational exchange programs for students and teachers from China and America. 
   Accommodating the requests made by CAMACE, a non-profit organization named 揅hinese Music & Cultural Exchange, Inc. from Arizona; HEF successfully sponsored a tour show for an orchestra of 108 young musicians and teachers from Beijing抯 No 2 Fengtai High School. They visited and joined non-profit shows in Flagstaff, Tucson, Phoenix, Disneyland and Hollywood in the United States, which greatly improved ties between Sino-American people.
   In handling a request from the Los Angeles-Guangzhou Friendship Association, HEF also succeeded in organizing another study tour for 36 students and teachers from Guangzhou Yucai High School to America. The group attended various educational activities in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Washington as well as other cities.
   Over 100 American junior and senior high school students were invited to join the HEF Chinese learning programs held at Beijing Huiwen Foreign Languages High School in China. These young American students not only learned a great deal but developed deep friendships with the Chinese students in Beijing and an appreciation for the Chinese culture.
   In 2003, the long-lasting effects of SARS continued to prevent groups from the United States to visit China. Only one group, Middlesex School, from the Boston area, with its 22 teachers and students, was able to exchange ideas of education with China. With the aid of HEF, the efforts of Middlesex School proved to be very successful. 
   In 2004, in addition to the regular 29 day programs for American students to learn Chinese, HEF was also able to coordinate language learning trips to China for the prestigious American Naval Academy and West Point Academy.   Additionally, participants from the Elementary and Middle School Teacher抯 Association attended a 31-day training program entitled 揟he Fulbright Program.
   In 2005, with the assistance of HEF, CLASS successfully held the first session of the China-U.S. seminar on teaching Chinese as a foreign language in Tongzhou District of Beijing.  They also organized a seminar for Beijing No.14 Middle School entitled 揌and-to-Hand Friendship Project.擶ith the support of The Office of the Chinese Language Council International, HEF and CLASS in conjunction with the Greater New York area抯 Association of Chinese Language Teachers, successfully invited 33 junior and senior high educators from nine American States  to China for a delegation project. This project resulted in a national project for the China-U.S. major educator exchange.
   In 2006, HEF and New York Long Island Education organized 37 professional educators to visit in China.
   In 2007, in order to support the development of U.S. Chinese education, HEF collaborated with Professor Fu Haiyan of Chicago to write, a two-sectioned book entitled 揅hinese Language Teaching and Learning Essentials. The book is being published by the Beijing Language and Cultural University Press. 
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