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According to the requirements of American students and parents, Hope Education Foundation (HEF) has succeeded in arranging many students to study Chinese one by one in Beijing. By 82-day studying, it is obvious to see the improvement of Chinese in reading, writing, and speaking. And at the same time, students will establish the friendly relationship with teachers and students. So American students will maintain a sustain studying and practicing Chinese by contact Chinese friends online.
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Chinese University Scholarship for American Students

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Application Form.doc
Physical examination form.doc

?. Introduction
The long history of Chinese culture, rapid economic development and the more important role China plays on the world stage in the new century, cause more and more American students want to know the real China.  American students will play an important role in developing Sino-American relationships in the future through deep and multi-perspective learning of China.
In order to promote Sino-American cultural exchanges and prepare more human sources for sustainable social and economic development between the US and China, Hope Education Foundation has been commissioned by Chinese Department of Education to provide Chinese university scholarships to qualified American students who currently possess a minimum of a Bachelor's degree.
?. Applicant Qualifications
1. Students must be between the ages of 20 & 35, in good health and above bachelor level.
2. Provide educational certificate and university transcripts (the transcripts should be sent to Los Angeles Office of Hope Educational Foundation directly).
3. Provide recommendation letters from above two associate professors; if student dose not have HSK6 certificate, then should provide one recommendation letter from student's Chinese teacher
?. Application Process:

?. Submit Materials
1. "Application form for foreign students to study in China" with the recent photos posted.(Application form.doc)
2. Resume
3. ID card copy, passport copy or residence permission copy, and 10 passport size photos (if already in China, also get visa page copy).
4. Recommendation letters from above two associate professors; and one recommendation letter from student's Chinese teacher, which should be based on the form provided by Chinese university
5. Above bachelor level educational certificate (notarized copy, hand in the original production when registration).
6. The transcripts in university (the transcripts should be sent to Los Angeles Office of Hope Educational Foundation directly).
7. Physical examination qualified certificate (Physical examination form.doc)
8. Publication's academic dissertation, obtained patent, other research results (both original production or copy are accepted)
9. Submit the application in the Chinese language (including the study plan, the purpose of learning, etc.)
?. Major(Major list.doc)
Finance (including Insurance) ;Political Economics;Western Economics;Applied Economics;Human Resources & Environment;Labor Economics;Economic Law;International Economics;International Economics;International Relationship;Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics;English;Higher Education;Educational Studies of Special Needs;Humanistic Sociology of Sports;Human Kinesiology and Science;Training Science in Physical Education;National Traditional Sports

Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation; Mechanical Electronic Engineering, Biological Modeling Technology;Information and Communication Engineering; Control Science and Engineering;Chemical Technology; Applied Chemistry;Vehicle Engineering; Mining Engineering; Ferrous Metallurgy; Materials Science;Materials Processing Engineering; Mechanical Design and Theory; Detection Technology and Automation Equipment;Architecture; Environmental Sciences and Engineering;Power System and its Automation; Vehicle Engineering;motorway related majors;Security Technology & Engineering

Computer Software and Theory;Computer Applied Technology; Computer Science and Technology; Information and Communication Engineering

Applied Mathematics;Optics;Optical Engineering;Polymer Chemistry and Physics;Majors of law; Journalism;Demography;Management Science & Engineering
(Management) ;Tourism Management

Public Health Management;Drama; Directing: Theory and Practice; Paining;Drama (Film and TV) Theories;Drama Theories; Chinese Traditional Opera

Arts including Chinese painting, oil-painting; printmaking; fresco; sculpture; art history and theory; immaterial culture heritage and art education; art management; Design including visual communication digital media; product design; photography; fashion design; design management; architecture; inner design; landscape design
?. Educational Period:
Two to three years
?. Registration Deadline:
    The application materials and form are required to receive by Los Angeles Office of Hope Educational Foundation before  March 31, 2009.
?. Related Charges
Application Fee: $550
The 56 Days Chinese Camp: $2775
       Including:  Tuition fee for Chinese training camp in China; textbook; accommodation; Visa and air ticket (one-way)and Weekend tours (8-day group tour arrangements, including the transportation, lunch, the attraction fee, tour guide)
       Non-including: air ticket (returning-way); meals (except for the lunch on weekend tour); and daily transportation, tips
Reference for Living Expenses in China:
   Tuition fee: Free 
   Text book: $75/year (depends on different majors)
   Insurance: $100/year
   Accommodation: RMB 28-600/day, (according to different university's dormitory condition)
   Meals: RMB 30-100 or more/day
   Transportation:RMB 200/Month,(by public transportation)
?. Scholarship Coverage
The tuition fee of students for the degree is free; international tickets, visa fee, accommodation, transportation, course book, insurance, 56-day's Chinese Training Camp and application registration fee are at your own expenses.
?. Conditional Scholarship
This project establishes one-year conditional scholarship system for the students who are unable to achieve the requirement with the qualified test. The students can participate in further Chinese education arranged by the Hope Educational Foundation in China. During this period, student should pay the tuition fee, accommodation and other living costs by themselves, and the students don't have the registration record, but Hope Educational Foundation can reserve scholarship one year for them. After passing the qualified test, students can gain registration record and scholarship. The units received during the further education can be admitted.
?. Evaluation and Selection
  1. Participate in the 56 days Chinese Training Camp, and pass the assessment in the camp. 
  2. Anyone who has HSK certificate above 6th grade of HSK can be priority of admission
  3. Students who have no HSK6th certificate need to provide recommendation letter from their Chinese teacher.
?. Admission and Registration
Hope Educational Foundation will assist to grant the admission letter and the JW202 form after assessment and confirm by the China related organization. The matriculated students apply for X visa in the local Chinese Consulate with the letter of admission, JW202 form, private ordinary passport and the 揊oreigner Physical Examination Record". And the matriculated students enroll the international institution of the university to register, take out the insurance and pay the related costs.
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